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Ferryman Collective & CoAct Productions'
The Severance Theory:
Welcome to Respite


Upon visiting your family’s home after your mom’s passing, you are whisked into a forgotten memory from childhood. Each interaction is as meaningful as it is fascinating when you rediscover your past and delight in the simplicities of being a kid once again. However, something is not quite right. Perhaps it’s the masked tension between your parents. Maybe you are hearing voices that only seem to be in your mind. It could even be that there is a monster hiding in your closet. After all, respite is only temporary when you are at the whim of your own mind.

Welcome home Alex.


Adapted from CoAct Productions' award-winning immersive theatre show, brought to VR by Ferryman Collective and CoAct Productions, Welcome to Respite is a unique and award winning Virtual Reality performance that explores the parts of our mind that both help us and haunt us through the lens of a mental illness called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder.


This fictional story allows audience members to step into the shoes of Alex, the main character and Host of the Personality System, as they embark on a surreal journey into a forgotten childhood memory. Participants will encounter some of Alex’s alternate personalities, as well as theatrical recreations depicting the symptoms of this disorder.


The goal of this experience is to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling through its use of interactivity, live performance, intimacy, and thoughtful design.

Welcome to Respite will be performed live with two actors playing multiple roles. Audiences may attend from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a VR headset! Through the magic of VR technology, participants will feel fully immersed into the 3D world.

The production will provide support in getting them into the performance on VR Chat and troubleshooting any technical difficulties. The experience is guided, so participants can expect to be given instructions throughout. To make the most of the experience, audience members who are embodying the primary avatar, Alex, should have their microphones turned ON so that they may speak with any characters they encounter.



There is only ONE premium ticket available for each show time. This audience member will be the primary focus of the experience, playing the role of Alex. Participants in this category can expect a high level of interactivity.


General audiences will serve as passive spectators of Alex's experience, playing the role of the alternate personalities within the personality system. While they will not interact with characters directly, they will be given unique opportunities to interact with and explore the space, seeing and experiencing  things which Alex does not.


Creative Director, Producer, Narrative Designer: Lyndsie Scoggins
Producer, Narrative Designer, Technical Advisor: Braden Roy

Producer, World Builder: Brian Tull

Producer: Deirdre V. Lyons

Producer: Stephen Butchko
Effects & Animations, Co-Audio Director, OST: Christopher Lane Davis

World Builder, Programming: Andy Aloisio

Marketing: Whitton Frank

Art Director: Danielle Levesque

Co-Audio Director:  Jeff Heimbuch
Character Design: Beaux Coope


Braden Roy - Michael, Figurine, Shadow

Brandon Bales - Michael, Figurine, Shadow

Brendan A. Bradley - Michael, Figurine, Shadow

Christopher Lane Davis - Michael, Figurine, Shadow

Deirdre V. Lyons - Molly, Voice of Molly, Bear

Eliot Addams - Molly, Bear

Jeff Heimbuch - Voice of Kyle

Jonathan David Martin - Michael, Figurine, Shadow

Kelly B. Jones - Molly, Bear

Lee Erdman - Molly, Bear

Lyndsie Scoggin - Molly, Bear

Morghann Stevens - Voice of Shadow

Stephen Butchko - Michael, Figurine, Shadow

Whitton Frank - Molly, Bear

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