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Sandglass Travel's
Sunset Cruise Tours


Event Series Listing: Sunset Cruise Tours 


This tour series is a chance for a final look at innovative and artistic Sci-Fi and Adventure-themed worlds on the Altspace platform before its sunset on March 10th. These worlds immediately inspire interactivity, and the sandbox of social VR contributes to the value of group playfulness. Research into the wonderful community of Altspace inspired the LARP-O-MAT tower portal world by Rebecca Evans, who has created and built interactive shows in several Virtual Reality platforms. She set her show “Sandglass Travel” in Altspace specifically around features not offered in other places, and now it’s time to move on, including rebuilding all the sets. We’re building a sense of joy around the capabilities that new platforms offer while celebrating some of the key features seen “only in Altspace” and what impact they have had on the show’s meta-narrative. How–and where–will this couple meet again when their digital world is literally crumbling around them? We’re in it till the end of it all. 


On our tour of worlds by other creators, get inspired by the 300+ worlds over 7 floors of the portal tower! We’ll discuss all the types of live performances that have taken place in Altspace, and what platforms might be best suited for each going forward. Whether you are more of a audience member or a builder and artist, your perspective is welcome! We'll start in the tower portal world Code: RKW223, each week will have a loose theme based on a floor of curated worlds, and we'll choose several to visit depending on the interests of the group. 


On these casual tours, we'll have an open discussion of what Altspace has meant to us and group Q&A on moving to other platforms. This may include behind-the-scenes set tours, live-building examples, secrets, and easter eggs from the Sandglass Travel show or other sets of Rebecca’s Altspace event production worlds, such as the Victorian World’s Fair.


Rebecca Evans is a producer, director, speaker and strategist whose creative work integrates in-person and virtual dimensions. Building on her background in mobile software Project Management with Google, Rebecca has lectured at conferences and Universities and produced transmedia pieces, 360 films, VR games, and hackathons. Furthering a passion for interactive performance, she's created, built, and produced multiple original, award-nominated Virtual Reality shows where the audience (in person, in world and streaming) plays a part in the narrative. Utilizing lenses of shifting realities, her pieces are designed to bring people together and delight in breaking invisible boundaries to self-expression and immediacy. No matter what we create, let’s utilize these tools and research to make our physical worlds better and our experiences more fulfilling.

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