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Scarecrow VRC



Evil firebirds attacked the town and ate up all the villagers’ hearts! One scarecrow has waited hundreds of years for someone to save him... Working as a team with other players, you must now break the spell by befriending the scarecrow and returning the hearts to the townspeople.

Since its Sundance debut as a live one-on-one VR immersive theatre with a real actor, Scarecrow has been reimagined post-COVID especially for Raindance with the actor performing as an avatar in social VR platform, VRChat, allowing up to two participants to join in.

This is a live performance with an actor for up to two people. The show takes place on the VRChat social platform. You will need a VR ready PC and a compatible headset such as  HTC Vive/Vive Pro/Vive Cosmos, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Valve Index or a Windows Mixed Reality headset. Please make sure to download VRChat on your PC, and follow the instructions in the booking confirmation email.


Writer-director Sngmoo Lee's VR projects Eyes In The Red Wind and Rain Fruits have won awards at various festivals. He is also a professor and the director of the Arts and Technology Lab at the Korea National University of Arts.

Jihyun Jung is an emerging graphic artist and the head of Nodeprojects, a commercial film production company. She is currently enrolled in the MFA Film Directing programme at the Korea National University of Arts.


2020 Invitation,

2020 Invitation,

New Image Festival, Paris
2020 Invitation,

Kaosiun Film Festival, Taiwan
2020 Won,

Raindance Film Festival, UK - Best Technology Innovation
2020 Won,

Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab - Innovative Storytelling Award
2021 Won,

Sandbox Immersive Festival, Beijing - Best Technology Innovation
2021 Invitation,

Imagine Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
2021 Invitation,

Kaohsiung Film Festival, Taiwan - XR Panorama
2021 Prime Exhibition,

Unesco, Paris - Cubically Imagined” Exhibition

Creator – Sngmoo Lee
Director – Sngmoo Lee, Jihyun Jung
Technical Director – Sanghyun Park
Technical Consultant – Taewan Jeong
Avatar Modeler – Seungchul Kim
Firebird Modeler – Hwajun Song
Music Director – Ryuhiichun

Executive Producer – Chungyean Cho

Co-Producer – TAHI
Original Score – Ryuhiichun, Jaejoon Lee,

 Dongwoo Shin, Jiwon Son, Soojin Kim
Cast – Hyoungjun Kwon, Seongtae Kim, Juwan Kim,

Kyeongmook Lim, Sanghyun Ahn, Myungseok Chae

- Art and Technology Lab -

Director – Sngmoo Lee
Associate – Director Chungyean Cho
Manager – Seungpyo Kang

- Special Thanks -
KOCCA, Birdhand, Sanghyun Yoo, IKIN,

Wonwoo Lee, Chaeyoung Hong, Yunjeong Kim

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