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Raptor XR's

Off Rail



The worlds’ greatest VR comedy improvisers from productions that include “The Under Presents” and “Dr. Crumb’s School for Disobedient Pets” come together for a rumination on the role of the performing artist in a future dominated by AI, and offer the audience the most agency of any VR live performance to date, as they follow you… “Off Rail.”



Ari Tarr co-founded the first startup creating software for VR Theater. He has designed immersive activations for brands including Google, Electric Daisy Carnival and Disney Land, and currently consults for VR event companies. He is the creator of several multi-award winning VR theater productions and has taught VR theater at New York University, Chapman University and Brooklyn College.

Ari Tarr – Artistic Director

Dasha Kittredge – Actor / Improvisor - Cast B

Max Maliga – Actor / Improvisor - Cast A

Jesse Fernandez – Writer

Kevin Labson – Improvisor - Cast B

Mandy Canales – Improvisor - Cast B

Jordan Cerminara – Writer, Voice Actor


David Gochfeld


Leah Sullivan

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