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Non-Player Character


Imagine if a Disney musical came to life and interacted with the multiple tiers of audiences both in-person and virtually in what Fame Magazine calls “a dream-pop immersive experience between VR and live theater… a flawless blend of Broadway, games, pop, and comedy bliss.” Live musical theater meets video games as Creator and Performer, Brendan Andolsek Bradley, invites four-tiers of audience to enter and impact the story arc and help a character without agency navigate their grief through interactivity, immersion and song.

Musical theater and video game fans around the world have attended the show on-site and remotely throughout the year offering a case study for bringing live interactive experiences to any device or screen. Using interoperable, web-based technology, the show scales from one-on-one virtual performances... to expo floors...all the way to IMAX screens.

Four audience members join the Actor and Musician on-stage, wearing virtual reality headsets while the virtual world and characters are projected on the big screen for the seated spectators to watch, like an animated film come to life. Remote participants can join in virtual reality or watch a livestream of the entire experience on a traditional streaming service or VOD.

Non-Player Character is preparing for its next run of in-person shows around the world and holding OPEN VIRTUAL REHEARSALS for the community to experience the show from home via headset or computer.

Up to 4 Participants can join every THURSDAY @ 3pm PACIFIC:

In traditional theater, a new musical goes through "workshops" and "previews" to try out new scenes, music, and audience feedback before its premiere. As the creator and performer, I am nervously excited to bring that legacy online by inviting you to a live "play through" of my show. It's an experimental peak "behind the curtain" of live virtual reality using what we love about "Let's Play" culture. You will experience live improvisation, live music and live animation cueing inside a 3D virtual world on your web-browser and your play style and choices will directly influence the show.

Non-Player Character is hosted in web-based virtual reality, which allows most web-connected devices to join the immersive web experience and navigate the 3D world. Once you confirm your attendance, you will be sent a unique URL to access your show and participant features.

If you'd like to test the compatibility of your device, please join our Listening Lobby for the workshop cast recording.


To get in the mood, the workshop soundtrack is available on most streaming platforms:
Bonus points for those who sing along!

Non-Player Character will perform at USITT in St. Louis this March! Get in touch if you're able to attend and stay tuned for more dates and cities.

Writer, Director, Performer: Brendan A. Bradley
Technical Director: Michael Morran
Musical Arrangement & Production: Maurice Soque Jr.
Special Thanks:

Ahmad Maqsood
Clemence Debaig
Jason Wang
Sage Freeman

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