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Dance meets cutting edge technology in this performance that combines live dancers, motion capture, VR technology, telematics and immersive theatre. DISCORDANCE features dancers in London and New York connected in real-time in the virtual space, co-present with participants in VR headsets and spectators in a proscenium theatre. 


DISCORDANCE explores themes of multi-identities and the search for human connection. Follow the journey of a character through self-discovery, trying to fit in but realizing that their otherness is what will help them connect with others.


It expands on the experience of a traditional dance performance by combining it with the interactive potential of immersive technologies. In this one-of-a-kind performance, audiences can choose their level of immersion and participation. In-person and remote audiences can coexist in the virtual environment and interact with the live dancers. Spectators can also join in the proscenium theatre and, remotely, on the livestream. Each format interweaves visuals from each virtual and physical location, making DISCORDANCE a truly unique hybrid experience.


Direction & choreography:

Clemence Debaig

Dancer London:

Clemence Debaig

Dancer New York:

Lena Adele Wolfe


Christina Karpodini


Clemence Debaig

Avatar design:

Clemence Debaig

3D design and world building:

Joseph Ibbett


Brendan Andolsek Bradley

Stage management London:

Elliot Mills

Mocap stage management NYC:

Allison Costa

Technical support stage management system OnBoardXR:

Michael Morran

With support from:

Noitom Mocap, Goldsmiths University and OnBoardXR

New York’s performance location and generous support:

Barnard The Movement Lab at Barnard College of Columbia University, NYC


DISCORDANCE premiered as part of OOTFest22, IJAD Dance Company hybrid festival.

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