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XR LIVE is an online community founded in 2020 consisting of artists, developers, writers, performers and fans dedicated to the burgeoning field of live performance XR experiences.


But what is a live performance XR experience? And what does XR stand for? 

XR is a catch-all for a variety of immersive technologies: AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), and VR (virtual reality), technologies which are sometimes referred to collectively as "extended reality." 

When these technologies are combined with a variety of live performance arts – theatre, dance, music, LARP, puppetry, and more – all sorts of new possibilities are born: video games where the NPCs are played in real-time by live actors; movies in which the audience member gets to be the main character; plays which extend beyond the stage and scope of reality itself; music and dance which flow together into digital synesthesia; performance art when the separation between artist and audience can be thousands of miles apart and yet staged within the intimacy and comfort of your own home. And that's only just scratching the surface!

The 2023 XR LIVE Performance Exhibition, which ran throughout the months of February and March earlier this year, was itself is only a small sample of the many experiences being created by a diverse, trailblazing, and ever growing number of creators around the globe. XR LIVE simply serves as a digital hub to facilitate, taking no payment from any of the creators or guests of their respective experiences.


[2023 Performance Exhibition selection

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